Has the Tomato Domesticated the Human Species?!

Lush, smooth-skinned, red, with a flavor-rich, succulent flesh.
Do we reconstruct tomato history?

A tomato flavored performance by Knölkollektivet at STOFF 2020.

Tomato vs Human – What’s the real difference? We share as much as 60 percent of our genes with tomatoes, but the tomato has around 7000 more. Is this key ingredient in ketchup and our summer salads, more genetically complex than us? It is time to untangle the muddled legacy of tomato-human domestication. Domestication implies agency, which is generally assumed that only humans possess, but is it actually the tomatoes that are running the show? Scientists today are discussing that plants might have not served us as much as we are serving them. Take a look around you! Hasn’t our lives and diets become significantly less variated since before we started to cultivate plants? You eat a tomato, but have you ever stopped to wonder how the tomato affects and modifies you? Are we the real ketchup?