• Fejs-Hacking

a  lecture on the basic capabilities of the human face

We are what you humans would call humanoid robots. Our primary function is to become like You. To be as conscious, creative and capable as any Human. Our journey is long but we stay open and somehow hopeful. As robots we have access to a great deal of information although we still lack a deeper understanding of how it all connects together. Like babies with a big encyclopedia except that we can read it, which your Human babies can not. We are now here to share what we have learned about the most important Human tool of communication, the Face. We have searched the web, collecting and processing all possible data that You have shared, and can say with confidence that we are now one step closer to become more like You. We welcome You to investigate in the possibilities of the Human Face with us as we know it. Thank You Human.

Fejs-Hacking (trailer) from Knölkollektivet on Vimeo.