3 hours of oscillation, perspiration and clay.

The clay is shaking. No, it's me who shakes. I shake my knees and arms, my upper body and in my hip I shake my head and I shake the clay.
We oscillate back and forth. Trembling, vibrating, shaking.

It is a struggle to keep on moving.

We generate oscillation. Oscillation generates perspiration. It excels from our pores and covers us with a thin shiny lamina. It penetrates our clothing and leaves growing dark spots under our arms, around our thighs, under our breasts and on our backs.

The clay is shaking.
Shake to undo. Shake to regret. Shake to generate sweat.

‘Hmmmfffph’ were thought of in relation to the place and event where it was going to take place: in the center of a sauna party situated in a shower room with a dj playing next door. All the elements of the party made an odd set for opposites, which we wanted to highlight, by doing sweaty, struggeling, hard and frustrating labor in the center of a cheerful party event.

With the opposites of the struggeling and the enjoyment, the similarities popped even more. Things like the sense of pulse, sweat and togetherness, an emotional ride through the different states of both the good and the bad. Or maybe just being equally stuck and free at the same time.