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The Knöl is something that stands out, something different that interrupts anything otherwise flat and homogeneous. It is describing a lumpy shape, something awkwardly cumbersome and is a synonym for bad behavior or potatoes. But first and foremost, the Knöl is something that we don’t want, that we’re trying to erase from our lives in a craving for perfection.

There are a lot for inspiring lumpy things out there. One is the chewed chewing gum that you can find under a table or sticked on to the buss seat infront of you. Another one is the dough, with it’s huge, swelling, smelling, warm and unruly shape. There are also those digital lumps, that suddenly breaks the computerized logic, making it more unpredictable and somewhat organic.

What about the body?

A body within the concept of a lump could be viewed as a deviation from a normative or ordinary state of being, investigating in what that particular state requires. A body, despite its natural ways, gets shaped after whichever circumstance you put it in, as a way of adjustment. These adjustments could be seen as either natural or artificial, depending on whom you ask. We would like to explore the body as a vivid organism, without any regard to exterior restrains or expectations.

Body as motion body as silhouette body as smell body as noise body as work body as rest body as moist body as sweat body as person body as many body as lump body as dough body as clay body as gum body as potato.