Performance art collective

Ester Olofsson
Heidi Edström [ingentinget] 
Lovisa Gauffin Wohlfarth 



Let go. Let go of yourself! Invade us with grease & grose. Scream & shout. Roar & howl. Smear it all over the floor! A ritual, an act of transformation. Deformation. Reformation. Disgust us. Crawl & creep! Feast like a beast. Be your inner sleaze!

Throw out the decorum, get away from decency and banish propriety! We’re opening up space for you to live out and explore your most greasy self, and the hidden beast inside you. “Brouhaha” is a live-action roleplay, a workshop, or a ritual that takes form in an interactive room that will change during time. What the experience will be for you, is up to each one to decide, and create. It could be a game, a play, a transformation, or a place to lose - or find yourself. Come as you Are.

Interactive exhibition will be open 4-6/9.

For the day (Sat 7/9 11:00 – 14:30) participants will be provided with costumes, masks, and the tools necessary to enter a ritual of destruction.

Get your tickets for 7/9 HERE!

Made by
Heidi Edström
Lovisa Gauffin Wohlfarth

In collaboration with
Arvid Dreadhead
Jonathan Widegren
Joakim Lundborg